Sleep more and better

1. Beware of coffee - it is best to moderate the coffee and all caffeine products.
2. Do not excite the body - may even sound strange but the truth is that often suffer from insomnia may even be the problem of alcohol, sweets and sugary drinks in the evening.
3. The room is no place for radiation - rid themselves of computers, televisions, radios or even mobile phones. The room is place to relax ... What to fill it with radiation?
4. Early dinner - and not be good to go to bed with a full stomach, this may be the problem of sleepless nights. If you feel that the dinner was too opt for a walk.
5. Lavender - If you like essential oils, before going to bed, lie two drops and relaxing scent for sure that will help in the coming of sleep.
6. Forget the problems - I know how hard it may seem but it is not good take problems to bed ... `ll put us in a little drawer in the morning and deal with them.

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