Sleep In Rollers: Honest Review

4 years ago

I`ve heard so much hype about the Velcro Sleep In Rollers that I decided to try them for myself. I thought they would be handy to have instead of spending ages using the curling wand to curl my hair. I also heard the rollers give you good volume and because my hairs quite long it tends to get weighed down and lacks volume so I thought they`d be great! Especially after seeing the girls on Desperate Scousewives etc wearing them and then later you`d see them with big bouncy curls!

I got mine for 20.49 (20 rollers) in a local pharmacy. I couldn`t wait to put them in.. I then realised you needed hair clips to pin them into place. Unfortunately I didn`t have enough so I had to wait to put them in until I got a few packs.
Now, I don`t know if I`m just thick but I had trouble putting them in. I had to get a hand from my good oul Mam to put them in. Its hard to pin them into place when you can`t see what you`re doing!
The night that I put them in I went to bed.. Now below I`ll insert a section of the post that I wrote at about 12am that night when I couldn`t sleep. I wanted to make sure I remembered exactly how I felt that night..

"So I was going to write this post after I`d tried the rollers and taken after photos etc etc. But its 12am and I`m in bed with them in and I can`t sleep so I decided to at least write part of the post so I`d remember how I felt at this moment.. I AM NOT HAPPY. I can`t sleep with these yokes sticking in my head. `Sleep in` my arse! I understand they`re probably more comfortable than regular hard rollers but the sleep in part is bullshit. I`ve slept in hard rollers before and I don`t notice any difference between the two. My neck hurts so much right now :( This better be worth it!!"

So after writing that I tried both sleeping with and without a pillow (neither helped). I woke up numerous times so uncomfortable that I was just praying it was 7.30am so that I could get up. Which is crazy, usually I`m praying I`ve a few more hours in bed, not the opposite! I couldn`t even get up before then because I knew I`d be driving all day and needed to make sure I was rested! But anyway, after waking up numerous times, 7.30 finally came.

I was so excited to get up, take out my rollers and have big bouncy curls. I did my makeup and started to take them out.. I started to notice that there was no curl at all, my hair was mostly straight with a flick at the end. Now my hair wouldn`t be difficult to curl, it curls when I put it in a bun! Needless to say I was disappointed. Yes there was a bit of volume but overall -to put it bluntly BUT honestly- my hair looked like crap (which is why I didn`t even bother taking a photo). I ended up curling my hair with my trusty curling wand.

Later that night I went onto youtube to see other girls reviews. Their hair turned out pretty much the same with mainly flicked in and out ends so I knew it wasn`t just me. But they seemed happy with the result which was good. I know not many people will agree with me and may like that kind of look but its just not what I like or was going for. I just wish I had of researched more before spending 20 euros on them. I might use them a few hours before curling my hair for a bit of volume but I will NEVER sleep in them again. Its just not worth it.

So that`s my view on the sleep in rollers. Again, everyone`s opinion is different. I just think they were hyped up a bit (I don`t know how the celebrities get big bouncy curls from them because I certainly didnt!).

Is it just me that thinks this way? Did I caught up in my dreams of big bouncy curls and were my expectations too high?
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