Sleep Deprivation- Falling Asleep While Working

4 years ago

Everyone experiences sleep deprivation now and again. Lately, I have been a zombie. I wake up early, cook, clean, and go, go, go. I feel like I never stop and then I crash. I`ve had a super busy weekend that was jam packed with family events, household duties, and getting fresh air while completing tasks. Tonight, I stayed up really late to catch up on things that I wanted to blog about and I`m nowhere near finished. Yet, I find myself falling asleep as I type. Have any of you felt like this? I know my husband is not happy that I`m not sleeping next to him, but Luuux took priority tonight. So sleepy. I never was the kind to fall asleep in school or at work either. I have so much to share, so it must wait until tomorrow which is really today. It`s 3:59am here in good ol` Michigan. I`m going to say good evening, good night, good morning and good afternoon to all of you Luuuxers all around the world though. Have a happy Tuesday and I hope you all are well rested.

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