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One of the year`s most anticipated games the "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" . This medieval-themed role-playing game offers up a vast virtual world to explore, an epic adventure to experience and a stunning 300-plus hours of possible gameplay. I can honestly say that when starting Skyrim you are surrounded by an abundance of side quests and story-lines which can often leave you questioning your ability of gaming D= There is so much to do and obviously you want to complete the story-line but everything else looks so cool, I mean who wouldn`t want to shape-shift into a werewolf or chat up a bartender. In my opinion my first tip would be to just take your time, go wander about, see whats there, see what you like and dislike, I remember my first half hour maybe 45 minutes of Skyrim was running around the edge of a mountain being chased by a bear, after the first 15 minutes I got bored of running stood, fought and embarrassed to say I turned back around and carried on running. So yeah, first tip, take your time. My second tip is to try everything out, unlike Oblivion, Bethesda took time to adjust the gameplay, Instead of choosing a specific class, you can mix it up by having magic in one hand and a sword in another. I found this to be extremely cool and probably very overlooked by most gamers, however, I applaud Bethesda for this, In Oblivion if you choose to be a warrior pretty much all you would be good at its fighting, atleaast in this it mixes it up a bit. Third tip, nearly there, Do you really need that carrot ? take care with items you are picking up, you have only got so much space on your person so why waste it with carrots and ragged clothes, pick up swords and potions which will bring you money which will give you great advantage when doing other quests. 4th tip to enjoy Skyrim, Take a step back and appreciate the effort Bethesda have put in, to create such an awesome world. The graphics are amazing, there have also been rumors that on some wooden stumps and scrap wood you can even see ants crawling across them. The graphics has made a dramatic jump from Oblivion, Oblivion was a great game i am not disputing that , but Oblivion`s graphics may- as well been pix elated when comparing the two, In fact I hope they bring out an update for Oblivion with the graphics, that would be so cool. The final tip, if your wanting to level up quick with little effort, would be to join a guild/faction and do side quests. I recommend the theives guild because this can bring you in some gold and levels you up, so you killing two birds with one stone. Thanks for reading guys, what do you think of skyrim ? have you been chased by a bear D= ? leave comments below :)

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