Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones

4 years ago

My headphones arrived in the mail today!!! Finally!! I needed them sooo badly. My old ones are the Sony ones on the left. I didn`t like them. At first the quality was really good, but then after a while only one side would work and to get the other side to work I would have to hold the end of the wire a certain way or turn it and push it to one side. Then after that to even get the sound to work I had to mess around with the angle of the wire and squeeze it and ugghhh, it was annoying. And this past week they totally gave out. I could barely get any sound to come through. They lasted me maybe a year. The right side for some reason always hurt my ear after a while and that problem was there since the beginning. I think the original price was around $20-25, but now they`re on clearance for like under $5 and for good reason. I don`t recommend these at all.

These are my first pair of Skullcandy headphones. I paid only $24.95 for them plus tax and shipping was free. They were $35 off!! I`m using them right now and the sound is good and they`re lightweight. The wire is actually coated in string so it looks kind of like a bracelet (not really, I don`t know how to describe it) and is protected. They call it a "soft lace cable". I didn`t realize the cable was like that until I got the package, so that was a nice surprise. :)

BUT... the packaging was SOOO annoyingly frustrating!!!! I was wrestling with the plastic for forever. I used scissors and pieces of plastic were sticking out everywhere and cutting me. Not fun, but whatever. I did finally manage to get them out.

The yellow isn`t as bright as it appears in the photo.

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