Skull amp Crossbones Candy =)

4 years ago

It`s October already and Halloween is just around the corner =)

So I decided to buy some Halloween candy for the office this week to bring on some Halloween cheer since we`ve been working very late for the past few weeks.

I found this pretty neat candy at Bulk Barn on Thursday. All the Halloween Candy was featured at the entrance of Bulk Barn so that people could just pick them up without trying to navigate through the store.

At first, I thought they were licorice flavored because the candy was so black. Personally I really don`t enjoy licorice unless its strawberry or cherry licorice. I just never got used to the taste of the black licorice, which does come from the plant of the licorice root. Anyways, it turns out they were actually blackcurrant flavored, they just added black food coloring. It was very sweet and juicy and I loved them!

My coworkers were all hesitant to try it because they didn`t like licorice either, but once they tried a bite, they wanted more because it was very juicy =) I like the top blackcurrant juicy part and the creamy gummy at the bottom. It was a nice blend of flavors.

My favorite part was the fact that the candy mould was perfect! The skull and crossbones were really visible and they were fun to eat =D

*photo is mine*


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