Skins: In Defense of the Third Generation

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Okay, so everyone likes to hate on the third generation but now that`s over I`m sad to see them go. I think one of the reasons they didn`t get as good a reception as the second generation is because they didn`t have a link to the previous generation like the second did to the first generation.

The first generation had an amazing group of people who made their audience love them. The second generation didn`t inspire as much feeling (at least for me) as the first generation but they had the advantage of having two minor characters (Effy & Pandora) from the first two series taking the lead.

The third generation had to make an impression like the first generation did but they also had the disadvantage of being judged against previous casts.

So, while Skins has come dangerously close to ridiculous in terms of the plot on many occasions (the second generation actually going there), the third generation did well.

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