Skinny vs Curvy or Skinny n` Curvy?

5 years ago

Before you get the meaning of this psot wrong, I just want to say that this post is not about making a stupid battal between body`s sahpes, I was just interested in seeing what is your opinion about this subject!
I`m sure that all of you remeber this time when the perfect body was considered as being the skinny one and not curvy... That particullary affected me sicne I`m curvy sicne the day I was born, I have big butt and boobies so to me growing up was hard because I thought I had to look like those supermodels who pretty much look like a boar... Obviosuly as time goes by and you get more and mroe matyure you learn how to accept what God ahs given to you, but when you don`t it`s really hard!
Anway, I tihnk that a couple years ago the cocnept of "perfect body" ahs totalluy changed, more and mroe women have assumed their curves and they inspire the rest of us to do the same, so I was wondering, do you tihnk that our society has changed and thta now a curvy body is as well accepted as a skinny body??
I think that our society is finally starting to accept that there`s not such thing as a "perfect body type", skinny girls are pretty yes but curvy girls are pretty as well and not fat at all, I remeber being like 12 years old and working out every single day so that body got smaller and smaller and it didn`t and it was so frustrating, and it`s something that I don`t see in this generation... I think that our society is growing up and they`re finally accepting all this "dversity", what do you guys tihnk?

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