Skinny Vanilla Latte!

4 years ago

Have you guys tried the vanilla at starbucks?
I have! I first tried the vanilla spice, yeah i dont like that as much.
I also tired the vanilla latte!
Before i start, I was warned in college I would be drinking coffee, the first semester I hardly drank some and now that its a one month course and my class is 5 papers in 4 weeks I been drinking alot lately. Like 1 cup a day or 1/2 a cup a day of coffee.
But anyways, since I have a rewards card and Im so close to renewing my year and getting free drinks I been getting drinks on the weekend lately. One weekend we stopped by starbucks and we saw this cup (in the picture) for 1 dollar! If only i knew before I bought a mug for the dorm I would have gotten this earlier. But its funny I saw this reusable tumbler before at a different starbucks and I never bothered asking then. But anyways, I love the cup can use it at starbucks get 10 cents off lol.

I got the Skinny Vanilla Latte,
-if you like the taste of black coffee almost with a hint of flavor this is pretty good.
-skinny because less sugar and a tasting please for your tongue
-reusable tumblr because grande lol, microwaveable, dishwasher safe, 10 cents off any drink, can hold starbucks to hide another drink lol

Thanks for reading!

What do you think? What is your favorite drink from starbucks? Have you tried this out yet?
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