Skinny People not allowed in GYM?!

Hey guys! How are you doing today?

Now i don`t know if you know,but I`m quite a thin person,someone you could call `skinny`,
I do fitness modelling and I really have to watch my weight and make sure I eat the right food all the time ( although i cheat a lot lol) but yeah,so being a fitness model requires a lot of time and effort which includes going to the gym for that extra long workout to build muscle,burn off those extra unneeded pizza calories lol etc.

I visit the gym regularly,i`ve been going to the gym for like 4 years now.The problem is that ..well you know that feeling when you go somewhere you aren`t needed/not welcome?
Well I get that everytime I visit my local gym,now being the 6 th gym i changed due to feeling unwanted.

Now I don`t know about you,but when i go to the gym,i don`t see anyone around me and try to avoid all distractions possible,that being the people around me - i don`t see them!

But I just can`t help but notice that people there just watch my every move with a dirty look on their face ..those people being slighty overweight/on the overweight side.
Now i thought I was just crazy,but not when i started getting unnecassary comments from them.
This woman next to me was watching me run on the treadmill for 15 minutes and while i was resting she came up to me saying ``..and what are you doing here,with what you look like,you`re just hogging all the machines,leaving none for those who actually need them like us``..and her friend was like ``yeah,exactly,we get so many stick thin insects in here,you`re just lowering our self esteem when we just need to pile off the pounds``..I WAS SHOCKED.
SERIOUSLY.I was speachless,but just smiled,shook my head and went away.
Don`t these people realise that in order to look the way I do,I NEED to be visiting the GYM!!!
I have expirienced countless people like that when I`m in the gym,they simply come up to you and make these vile comments!!!
I don`t know,but when i`m working out,I put headphones in,daydream and just ignore the world/concentrate on my workout,but looks like some people just come to compare themsleves to others!!!
I got this one chubby woman ( no offence but i was called a stick thin insect ) calling me a greedy cow for using the gym when i don`t need it,she just simply said that to me while i was cooling off!!

ALSO - when i workout i don`t wear alot of clothing in the summer because it gets hot and sweaty and well ..gross.
I just wear my tank top and mini shorts,when it gets too hot i take off the tank and just have the sports bra on with shorts,well i HAD A COUNTLESS NUMBER OF WOMEN come up to me compaining that I show off..APPARANTLY.
I had this lady say `alright,alright we gettit you`re thin,now stop flaunting,nobody cares..LIKE WTF!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY .. and it`s usually the fat/chubby people doing that!!! I never get this from thin/slim women ..I RUIN THEIR SELF ESTEEM APPARENTLY :/ I apparently distract them from losing weight!!!

*** If I wanted to lose weight,i`d actually concentrate on losing it INSTEAD OF USING THIN PEOPLE AS AN EXCUSE!!!***

They basically just sit there,hardly doing anything and compare every thin person there is,judging them and laughing,gossiping things like `showoff much`,`thinks she`s all that`,`what a b***ch thinks she`s better than us` like seriously!!I hear them say that and it just makes me sad.

I asked some of my friends and my cousins they said exact same thing they feel like their unwanted and get vile,nasty comments like this too sometimes.
I actually feel like i`m being bullied everytime I got there.
I`m considering changing my gym again,but i`m just tired of all of it already.Instead I`d rather just buy workout equipment and create a gym in the comfort of my own home however,It`s still sad,very sad that people have to take this.

No,not just thin people,but also fat people,infact it doesn`t matter who they are and what they look like,no one should EVER have to feel this way.

I don`t get how having a slim person exercising in the same room as you can be ruing your self esteem?I would use them as my drive,my motivation,just like those sexy beautiful sports models i have stuck to my fridge,flexing,reminding me to stay nice and healthy.
ALSO I DONT KNOW ANY PEOPLE WITH LOW SELF ESTEEM WHO FIND IT EASY TO COME UP TO SOMEONE AND SAY MEAN THINGS LIKE THAT ..looks like these ladies are just using an excuse to not lose weight etc.

Because i can`t think of any reason why someone would just bully someone like that out of nowhere,when we all just came for one reason there - to stay healthy/lose weight.

Today morning I go to the gym as usual seeing a large notice on the front window saying - `Skinny people no longer allowed` .. i was shocked..

what do you guys think??

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