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Ever since I received some vitamin c infused skincare samples in my NewBeauty TestTube last year, I have been aware of it`s luxurious powers to help our skin stay strong and healthy. When I`m looking for or at new skincare products, I will always prefer one with vitamin c because I know my skin loves it. The Skinceuticals Serum 15 AOX+ is the very first serum I have ever used, and my god - how I ever went on without a serum before is ridiculous! It`s not the type of product where you see results instantaneously, this product took about a month or two for me to believe it`s actually doing anything. I`m the type of person who thinks anti-ageing products will help prevent premature ageing signs (ahem... wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, etc.). Yes, I`m only 26, I have very young features and most of the time people assume I`m a teenager - which means when they learn I am in my mid twenties with two kids, they have that jaw dropped reaction. BUT I still love my anti-ageing products!

My first impression of this serum, I had a very stubborn attitude. I thought serums didn`t really do anything therefore I didn`t want to use it. In the first few uses, I remember telling my BF that the product smelled salty, in a weird way it reminded me of bacon - not that it smells like bacon - it has a quite strong salty scent, nothing I`ve ever smelled in a skincare product before. The directions say to use 4-5 drops all over the face and neck. I first used my hands to spread the 4-5 drops all over, but my fingers absorbed most of the product and I ended up using 8-10 drops. I knew this had to be wrong, so I decided to use a cotton round instead - that way I`m not wasting $100 serum on my fingers that don`t need assistance in anti-ageing. Yes, the cotton rounds were a good idea. I currently use 5 drops on one cotton round, press the round on the center of my forehead, each cheek, my nose, chin and neck. Then I go back and smooth the round all over my face, spreading the serum evenly.

The serum has a slight tingle to it, but it does not burn or irritate my sensitive skin. I applies moist, and takes about 30 seconds to completely dry. Currently, I do not apply a moisturizer after this serum, mainly because I let it dry and then I forget to go back and apply a moisturizer. The serum feels like it`s drying out your face but it isn`t. After it dries your skin feels a bit tight for the first few minutes, then it relaxes and for the rest of the day my skin is smooth, supple, never screaming out for moisturizer and by the time I have to do my nighttime skincare routine my skin isn`t oily or tired looking. After pushing myself to use the serum regularly, I have noticed that my skin never looks tired! Can you believe it?! I`m so happy with this! I literally get very little sleep, I`m constantly on-the-move with my toddler and baby, plus I never take naps during the day when the kids are napping. How ever this serum is working to keep me looking fresh faced and awake 24/7 is a miracle.

Now, the price point of $99.00, is it worth it? While I LOVE my skin looking and feeling so amazing, and to be honest, the best it`s ever felt, my heart hurts to think of spend $100 on one product. Let`s see. The serum is 30ml (a little over 1 fl oz), I have been using it regularly for 3 months, I only see 1/2 inch missing from the bottle. I`m estimating it will last me another 15 months or so, I think there`s about a year and a half worth of use in one bottle. So that`s about $5.50 per month, when I break it down to see it`s worth, I definitely think I will start to put money aside to repurchase this in a year. Serum 15 AOX+ / 30ml / $99.00
Description: Designed for all but the most sensitive skin types to help restore healthy looking skin, Serum 15 AOX+ neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and helps prevent premature signs of aging.
Now formulated with AOX+ advanced antioxidant technology, Serum 15 AOX+ is a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum combining ferulic acid with 15% pure vitamin C to enhance antioxidant performance.

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and stimulates collagen synthesis
Using Duke-patented vitamin C technology, delivers 15% L-ascorbic acid to the skin
Once absorbed, can`t be washed or rubbed off, remaining effective for a minimum of 72 hours - an excellent addition to sunscreens
Ideal for all but the most sensitive skin types

How to use:
Once in the morning after cleansing, apply 4-5 drops to a dry face, neck and chest. Follow with SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel and a SkinCeuticals moisturizer and sunscreen.

*Product(s) were received for trial/review; these are my honest opinions

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