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4 years ago

This eye cream has become a staple in my daily routine. I`ve purchased several of these now (two of the big ones and I think one of the smaller ones), and I`ve enjoyed them to the last bit. These are quite pricey ($38 for the small and $58 for the bigger), but for me they serve a purpose that nothing else has and they`re totally worth it.

The reasons I need an eye cream:
- my eyes are extremely puffy in the morning
- dryness from under the eyebrow to underneath my dark circles
- dark circles
- texture of the lid skin
- crows feet developing because of dryness
- darkness at the corner of my eyes
- fine lines due to dryness
- bumps all around the eye area

As you can see, I have a lot of issues with my eye area. Mainly this is because I didn`t take care of my skin when I was younger, not that I`m especially old now, but many of these issues could`ve been dealt with years ago and not gotten to where they are now (e.g. darkness at the corners) if I had used an eye cream earlier.

For me, this eye cream solves all of these problems. For example, my eyes used to get so puffy that I looked like I didn`t have a lid, but half way through the day the fluid would subside and my lids would appear. Another example is the dry patchy skin that I used to have all around my eye which would make my makeup appear ashy and blotchy. This eye cream gives me an extremely hydrated smooth surface to work with. My makeup applies better because of it.

Again, this is a pricey skincare item. If you don`t have all these problems, you obviously don`t need to dish out this kind of money. I`ve spent loads on makeup over the years only to realize that if my skin isn`t in good condition, no amount of makeup can improve the look of it.

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