Skincare Haul + 1st Impressions: CVS Brand Facial Masks

6 months ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers!

I`ve been on a little bit of a skincare kick lately! I was never one to be huge into skincare, until I realized that I`ve been using makeup to correct skin problems instead of searching for the source of my problems. My skin is combination, and my biggest problem is redness and large pores. Lately, however, I`ve been breaking out more often than usual, which has spurred me to want to add some products into my skincare routine.

But, skincare can be EXPENSIVE! So when I had some coupons and Extra Care Bucks, I went to CVS and was really excited to see an expanded line of skin care products from CVS Brand, Beauty 360! I snapped up a few products and have tried two of the masks once, so I wanted to share my thoughts so far!

1. Avocado Oatmeal Purifying Clay Facial Mask: Not gonna lie, I picked up this mask mostly just because avocados are one of my favorite foods! But this mask promised to both purify my pores while adding hydration, and with my recent breakouts, this seemed like something that would work for my skin to deeply purify my pores and prevent zits without drying. When I applied it all over my face, it came out as a pale green color, and dried down in about a minute. I left the mask on for about 7 minutes, and just like a typical clay mask it tightened up as it dried. I then rinsed it off with a warm washcloth, and my face felt super clean and my pores appeared visibly smaller. I was really pleased with the results of this mask, especially since it only cost me $3.99. Freeman brand also makes a version of this mask, but I`ve never tried that one so I can`t say how they compare. I do know, however, that this CVS version is significantly cheaper! I can see myself using this mask once a week to deep clean my pores for the week ahead.

2. Charcoal and Black Sugar Dual Action Scrub Mask: I`ve also noticed some texture issues with my skin, and realized that I don`t currently own a facial scrub that will give my skin the exfoliation it needs. This mask is interesting. In my opinion, it is not even really a mask, because the base is kind of runny and doesn`t cling to your skin like a mask normally would. I did leave it on my face for the recommended 7 minutes though, in order for the charcoal to do its thing! The good part of this product is the scrub. It is a very gritty scrub, since the granules are black sugar and therefore pretty large, but I felt that it intensely exfoliated my skin and made it feel so soft and smooth! My skin is pretty sensitive so I don`t see myself using this scrub daily, but I think using it once a week during the weekend will do wonders for the texture of my skin. This product was also $3.99!

3. Beauty 360 Brightening Aura Luminosity Sleep Facial Mask: Now, I haven`t actually tried this mask yet, but I`ve been in love with the idea of sleeping masks. I want to use something on my skin and wake up to a beautiful complexion! I had tried a high-end sleeping mask by SkinInc, and it was okay, but it was also $75 and I didn`t love the results compared to the price, so I returned it. When I came upon this mask at CVS, I had almost run out of a sample of a Korres brightening sleeping mask, and thought this could be a nice, inexpensive alternative! I`ve seen reviews online stating that this mask is a generic version of several similar Asian Beauty products, and since Asian skincare is always so innovative, I didn`t hesitate to purchase this. If I fall in love with the results, I will be sure to come back on and give a full review! This mask was $14.99.

Altogether, I bought all of these products for much less than the retail price since I combined coupons and Extra Care Bucks. The ability to always save money on these products since they are at the drugstore makes me even more excited about the fact that they are high quality! I recommend checking out the skincare aisle at your local CVS--it might surprise you! :)


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