Skincare: Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential Eye Zone Boosting Super Serum

5 years ago

I`ve recently really gotten into skincare. I havent had good skin since I was probably 16 or 17 years old and I really don`t know why I havent worked on it sooner, lol. I was in San Diego at the end of January for a conference and I picked up some items that were on the pricier end while I was there (cause it cost me less, duh!).

This particular product is new in Dior`s line. As with many serums, it`s often to pinpoint what it exactly is that is different about your skin, it often just feels "better", lol. If you`re relatively young and have tried some serums then you might know what I mean.

Some product details:
Price: $70
Amount: .05 oz.

To help explain what it is, here`s some information off of Sephora`s website regarding what the product is supposed to do:

"Dior`s first eye zone boosting super serum, this product detoxifies, regenerates, and reinforces the eye contour to prevent the reappearance of visible signs of aging and fatigue (including dark circles, puffiness). Use for a smoother, more luminous, and visibly rested eye contour.

Research results:
By eliminating skin toxins, Eyes Essential successfully triggers exceptional cellular regeneration to heighten the youthfulness of the skin."


I have to say, it is pretty good. It helps the puffiness around my eyes, although I haven`t noticed anything in terms of dark circles. You need very little (one pump for both eyes). I do find that applying concealer has completely transformed with this product. I always had dryness under the eyes (despite wearing heavy eye creams) and with this it`s so much better.

I like...
...the packaging (fancy, lol)
...the pump (allows for good control of the product/no waste)
...the consistency (it`s very nice on the skin and easy to blend)
...the effect for concealer (makes the area very hydrated/smooth)
I don`t like...
...the price

I often mention the price as something I don`t like for the high end products I buy. I often buy them aware of the cost and willing to pay the price. This is one of those products that I seriously think is WAY TOO expensive. Everyone I mention this to says that it`s typical for skin serums to be pricey, but this is kind of ridiculously priced. I got it because I really couldnt get anything else to work and this does make a drastic difference. Plus, I`ve been refraining from buying random makeup and spending in the way of skincare so I don`t feel bad about it. It just really hurts that it was that expensive, sigh!

Let me know if any of you have tried this product. I recently heard Makeupbymel on YT mentioning she uses the face serum that goes for this and really liked it.

Happy Luuuxing!

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