SKINCARE 101: Keeping your make up brushes CLEAN.

5 years ago

SKINCARE 101: My new series with numerous amounts of tips, tricks, facts, etc.

Did you know keeping your makeup brushes sanitized helps maintain healthy skin and prevent breakouts? Especially, FACE brushes?

You use your makeup brushes every day to do your makeup and then you let it sit there for another day to build up bacteria and such which harms your face. For instance, foundation brushes! Have you seen my foundation brushes? That`s after 3 days of useage and I clean my brushes once a week. Having dirty brushes cause breakouts and causes your face to be more oily. It`s a good habit to get in to just sanitize your brush after each use, which will kill two birds with one stone. Meaning, it`ll be easier to forget to wash your brushes yet not have to worry about it.

There are some amazing brush cleaners out there. Personally, I use the mac brush cleanser than retails for $13 @ any mac counter / pro store. After each use of a brush I spray the brush and clean the brush or sanitize it using circular motions wiping the dirt and such off on a towel. (Basically) when I deep clean my brushes, I just use shampoo and luke warm water. I let my brushes dry facing down with an angle and it takes about 2 days total.

Other products you can use for cleaning your brushes are:
Elf brush cleaning spray $3
Baby shampoo & olive oil to restore softness

If there are any more others should know about, leave it in the comments below.(:
Thank you!

*PS. You`ll notice a difference when you start washing your brushes!

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