SkinBeauty #1: Oatmeal=skin`s best friend?

5 years ago

Hello!~ I thought it would be nice to share tips, tricks, and natural remedies for the beauty of your skin. This will be a series that I will post weekly, so I hope you`ll like it and please tell what you think down below. I`m the kind of person who likes to research things alot and love science, so this whole series of SkinBeauty will be things/remedies that I will research and share with you and I won`t post things that im not 100000000000% sure that will work or dangerous, and I will most likely try them myself before posting anything about it.
Oatmeal Background:
This week will be about Oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal is good for you, but have you ever thought of putting your breakfast in your face? Oats are excellent in fiber, omega-3, and the antioxidants known as avenanthramides. These are benefits in eating them, but also to your own skin. Oatmeal is very gentle on every skin type and many swear by using it and seeing great results from using it to wash their face or even bathe in it. Make-up gurus like Bubzbeauty on youtube, have posted a video about using oatmeal as a good remedy for cleansing the skin. Oatmeal is gentle on the skin and can remove dirt, reddness,irratation,etc. from the skin in a very gentle way. Many have said that it is a good source to use on acne prone skin since it`s very gentle on the skin and works on dry/irratated skin.
The benefit of knowing this is that, one, you can save money from using it instead of high-end products, two it has natural ingredients and no chemicals that are wierd to you, and you can use this product for many other beauty tricks. Oatmeal is not only gentle but also removes impurities from the skin and the oats act like little grains that exfoliate the skin too. For me I can`t really say I have normal skin, but my skin changes for some reason. It gets oily, but not too much, and dry at times, maybe its combination; my skin does get irratated at times too.I have tried this and hand down, I love it. It gave my skin a different "look" to it and my skin felt renewed, fresh, and clean after I used it. Try it!
There`re MANY MANY remedies and tricks in using oatmeal for your skin and it all depends on what works for you the best. I find it easy to just add luke warm water and oats and just apply it to my skin and I wait for a while then use my fingers and use a circular motion to rub the oats on my skin and rinse it off! That`s is really easy to do. Bubzbeauty have done a video on it so go watch it! She gives a demo on using it and I love her XD. She`s one of my favorite gurus on youtube so support her. She explains about the oatmeal remedy more in depth and she describes her experience of her skin and she swears by it. So now is your turn to try it!
So now you know about the benefits of not only eating the oatmeal, but it can be a BFF to your skin too :). I hope I have helped you learn about it more and helped you. Please tell me your experience with it and if you like these kind of posts!
Have fun trying these! Bye SkinBeauties!
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