Skin79 Gold BB Cream Review

5 years ago

Hi everyone!

So, I bought some Skin79 BB creams back in December and I thought Ill do a review. I know this is long overdue, but here it is:

The Skin79 Gold BB Cream is one from the pack of 4 minis I got that I really like. Im not in love with it, but I do like it and will purchase again in the future. I chose to try this one first because the research I did had people liking this BB cream a lot for the winter time and since it was winter this one was perfect.

Please note that what might work for one person might not work for another. This review is base on how it has worked for me (someone who finds makeup to be tedious and only wears the minimal amount..xP)

My skin:
· Oily to combination skin
· Occasional stress acne
· Medium-light to tan skin (depending on my exposure to the sun xP)

· Good oil control
From the research that I have done, many people who have tried this product seem to like the oil control of the product and I have to agree that it does have good oil control. I have oily to combination skin and after a long day of wear I dont really see oily looking skin. I also dont have to blot my face throughout the day.

· Doesnt dry the skin

· Isnt heavy/ feel cakey
This definitely doesnt feel like foundation. It just feels like a moisturizer you would put on. So I like that a lot because one thing I hated about wearing foundation was how heavy and cakey it felt and look and thats why I never wore foundation unless it was for a very special occasion.

Positive/ Negative depending on person:
· Does even out the skin tone
This does even out my skin tone, but it takes away from the natural contour coloring (places where you normally would place a bronzer...lolnot sure how to explain it) to where it doesnt look natural. Your face just looks one dimensional. This usually only looks like this when you first put it on. Once it oxidizes, it does look a bit more natural, but it is a good idea to add a little contouring color to your face if you dont want to look flat. (I say a good idea because most people who are into BB creams prefer to not have to wear a lot of face makeup and prefers a `natural` look.)

· Does whiten your complexion when worn and even after you wash it off, but I think its a temporary effect because I have gone a day or two with out it and my skin tone does not stay as white.

· Only one shade (Good for those who are fair to lightly tan)

· Coverage is okay.
I do still have the occasionally stress acne, so I have red bumps on my face every now and then and this BB cream does take away the redness, but not enough like a concealer. Also, the pore coverage is minimal. It might be because I might not be using enough or need a second layer.

If you want product detail, just check out this link:

Thanks for reading! <3

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