Skin Problem Solutions #2

3 years ago

This is a continuation of my last post....

Problem: Acne leaving dark spots that last a long time.
Solution: try a lightening serum that has peptides which will over time fade marks on the skin and make your skin be more even
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Problem: in the middle of the day makeup is sliding off the face.
Solution: try layering an oil-absorbing treatment under the makeup. another method is using a good primer.
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Problem: Geting big sits in the same spot every month.
Solution: this is probably because of that time of month that you are having your period. This is because of your hormones. treating this spot with benzoyl peroxide spot treatment weekly. so that it kills the bacteria before it pops up. its a good idea to use a prevention method.
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Problem: After washing the face there is still makeup left over around the eyes
Solution: using regular face wash isnt going to be able to remove eyeliner and mascara. A good method is to try makeup wipes to remove the remaining makeup left over.
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Problem: after staying up late or being stressed the next morning you wake up with dark spots under the eyes
Solution: try a vitamin C cream to lighten the under eye area. something that has reflective particles in it will also help.
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