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3 years ago

I have collected so many magazines through out the past year and I still continue to get a few monthly so I decided it was time to get rid of all the old ones. I decided to only keep the ones from this year.
One of the articles I came across was some solutions to skin nightmares. I think this was from seventeen magazine.

Problem: Have tons of blackheads
Solution: A clay mask penetrates into the skin and cleans out excess oil and bacteria. it also exfoliates to open up pores and get rid of what is cloging pores.
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Problem: After washing your face it becomes oily again.
Solution: dont wash again! this will create more oil. use a toner after cleansing. salicylic acid in the toner will help control the oil. you can also use toner throughout the day when you become really oily just use a cotton ball.
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Problem: SPF makes skin shinny and witty
Solution: the trick is to look for sunscreen that says "lightweight", "oil-free", "oil-controling"
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Problem:after using cleanser my face feels like its burning
Solution: this might mean you are using to much acne treatments. try using a gentle cleanser. it will do the same thing but be less harsh.
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Problem: Wanting the skin to glow but it looks dull instead
Solution: your going to have to remove the layers of dead skin cells and dirt this will then show your natural glow. Try looking for products with alpha hydroxy or lactic acids which will be gentle exfoliates.
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