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Along with treatment to prevent wrinkles and expression lines, one also should note the presence of spots, which weigh in the expression and give an aged appearance. They can be caused by too much sun, the natural aging process and even by pregnancy - a change known as melasma gravidarum.

In recent years, some substances have been questioned in the treatment of skin blemishes such as hydroquinone, because they have contraindications. So the world cosmetics industry has developed effective and safer assets, especially the Citrolumine 8, prepared highly concentrated lipossomado (which penetrates deeper into the skin), derived from citroflavonoides extracted from citrus fruits, vitamin C, vitamin E and sunflower oil, produced by Swiss company Cosmetochem in Brazil and marketed by Pharma Nostra, importer and distributor of pharmaceutical raw materials, and nutraceutical dermocosmetic.

According to Ana Paula Fidelis, Pharmaceutical Pharma Nostra, the substance is recognized by the actions anti-aging, lightening, enlightening and antiolheiras. "Studies show that from 28 days have come and the first effects after 56 days of continuous treatment, no significant improvement in spots and the general tone of the treated area," he says.

In addition to the versatility of action, Citrolumine 8 also has the distinction does not have any contraindications. "For a substance to be 100% safe and natural, paraben free, can be used by pregnant and lactating women, including as an adjunct in the treatment of melasma is common during pregnancy," said Ana Paula. Also according to the Pharmaceutical, also there is no restriction on the temperature. "The cosmetics that treat stains usually can only be used in winter, because they contain acids in its formulation. The Citrolumine 8 does not have this restriction and can take care of the skin throughout the year, allowing also to apply sunscreen after or before makeup and cosmetics, "he says.

This set of attributes which involves Citrolumine 8 enables this substance has different botanical cosmetic applications. The asset must be prescribed by a dermatologist, with revenue manipulated in pharmacies. Can be incorporated into emulsions, tonics, serums or gels in general.

"It is recommended to apply the product over areas stained up to three times a day. For those who have darkened the armpits, the Citrolumine 8 is a great ally to restore the skin a uniform tone, "concludes the pharmaceutical Ana Paula Fidelis. Remember that, along with the treatment of skin whitening, the person must make constant use of sunscreen.

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