Skin Care Mistakes!

4 years ago

Here are some mistakes that we should avoid to ensure better skin!
1) Forgetting to wash your face before bed -- yea we get tired, but forgetting to wash the face before going to bed is bad for the skin, so at least use makeup-remover wipes!
2) Not washing your face in the morning -- our skin is trying to renew itself and that we need to wash off the toxins
3) Using a deodorant soap on your face -- it can irritate or dry your skin
4) Overwashing your face -- if a scrub or soap is too harsh then it can cause redness and dryness
5) Choosing something wrong for your skin type -- may end up leaving your skin tight and dry
6) Not taking your makeup off before a workout -- sweat under makeup makes you vulnerable to breakouts
I have to say I am guilty of some of these, but at least now I know that I really should take care of these or else I will never have clear skin = (
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