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In fact, a man skin care is as important as a woman, although not all men will give due importance. It is very common to see skin baby boys without any care, but that essentially relates to the fact that the skin of man be thicker than in women (not all shown immediately to the surface) and the fact that they undergo many hormonal changes do not like us. Anyway, basic care is always essential.

Ideal for a man is to have a simple care without many palaces or many products and is fast and convenient, so it is less likely to give up on a routine skin care. So, I advise having a cleansing gel and a moisturizer (if best SPF) suitable for the skin and, if you have many dark circles or if the age is 20 +, cream / gel eye (preferably in roll-on be more practical and simple).

Identify your skin type is a boy how to identify the type of leather to ourselves. Dry skin is presented without any glare, and sometimes with one aspect or pulled skin to "peel off" normal skin has a natural sheen, not too dry nor too oily, oily skin has a glow around the globalized face and may have dark spots and skin has acne pimples and blackheads regularly. There are few men with dry skin since, as I mentioned, they have thicker skin and larger sebaceous glands, which leads to increased production of sebum.

For men it is best to invest in a few good products but, once they notice the difference if they really will want to continue to use skin care (they are not like us, we use it persistently looking for results). I want to draw attention to the moisturizer, unless the skin is dry, it is ideal that the moisturizer is oil-free, even for normal skin, for men / boys do not usually like a heavy or greasy feel on the skin. If the moisturizer sunscreen factor has even better, since they are two steps in one product.

Below I leave you some suggestions for various skin types, all with great quality.
1 - Green People - Facial Scrub 125ml - 11.89

2 - Green People - Cool Down Moisturiser 125ml - 20.59

3 - Biotherm Homme - Aquapower D-Sensitive Cleansing Gel 125ml - 19.70

4 - Biotherm Homme - Aquapower Moisturiser 30 ml - 19.60

5 - Clinique Skin Supplies For Men - Liquid Face Wash Extra-Strength 150ml - 22.85

6 - Clinique Skin Supplies For Men - Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel 15ml - 29.70

7 - Clinique Skin Supplies For Men - M Gel-Lotion 100ml - 35.65

8 - Nivea For Men - Clean Toning Gel 150ml - 5.29

9 - Nivea For Men - Eye Contour Roll On 10ml - 10.99

10 - Nivea For Men - Hydrating Gel Cream 50ml - 8.49

11 - Biotherm Homme - T-Pur Intense Purifying Cleansing Mousse 150ml - 26.85

12 - Biotherm Homme - T-Pur Intense Hydrating Anti-Imperfection Concentrate 75ml - 40

13 - Biotherm Homme - Aquapower D-Sensitive Cleansing Gel 125ml - 19.70

14 - Homme Biotherm - Homme Age Fitness Eye Cream 15ml - 43.65

15 - Homme Biotherm - Homme Age Fitness Day Cream 30ml - 22.25

It is important to explain to the boy / man how to use the products. So step by step would be:

1) Wet your face with warm water;

2) Use a small amount of cleansing gel (size of a pea) and rub the skin;

3) Remove the gel cleanser with warm water;

4) Dry the skin gently with a soft towel;

5) Apply eye cream (if using);

6) Apply moisturizer over face and neck.

And the routine should be repeated night and morning. If the person in question usually shave, must always do so before the routine skin or at least before applying any moisturizer.

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