Skin 79 Hot Pink Super + BB Cream

I realized my mother is not so good for my makeup addiction lol I was at her place a few days ago and we got to talking about skin and stuff and she told me she had this bb cream, so my ears perked up right, and yeah, I needed to see it and needless to say I needed to slap it all over my face, I`m pretty sure if I`d been wearing makeup I would have taken it off just so I could try it lol anyways, she has the skin 79 VIP Gold Super Plus one, I took a little bit and went to town, ugh, I was hooked. I came home and did some research and and decided the one for me to try was the Hot Pink Super+ one. from what I read, the VIP one is more for dry skin and the Hot Pink is geared more towards oily skin. Tadaaaaaah !!!

yes, I gave in and bought it. if you`ve read my blog you might know that I`ve tried TM before, all kinds, even the one everyone seems to love (Laura Mercier) and they simply do not work for me, I am much too oily and I just don`t really like them. so drugstore bb creams came along and I bought the Garnier one, although I liked the coverage it gave me, I hated that it made me look like one giant oil slick, sure I powdered but I`d have to keep blotting and powdering all day. it was a love/hate relationship for sure. this one is waaaay different. first of all, I love the packaging, doesn`t get any more girly than that does it ? it`s small but chubby, then again you honestly only need the slightest bit. I can`t speak as to the lightening, wrinkle properties because hello, I just got it ! what I do enjoy already is that it`s not nearly as runny as the Garnier, the way the product is dispensed it like a thousand times better, it doesn`t feel greasy and it actually looks a little matte on my skin so yay ! yes, it looks gray when first applied but it does oxidize so no worries.

I did include some tips on how to spot a fake one on my blog and there are more swatches so head over there for a looksy !

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