Skateboard review Penny boards

Hi guys i am doing this on penny boards, they are great for riding transportation and play. My board`s length is 50 cm and the width is 14 cm. I use mine litteraly EVERYWHERE. at school on weekends, riding in my backyard, skateparks and more:-)

Penny boards are awesome, there are original boards and there`s penny board nickle which is smaller than the usual one, I don`t have a nickle but I wish I did. My board is orange deck and yellow wheels. The deck is made by plastic, and the wheels by rubber. And there`s also metal ones which I don`t like Cause it will eventually rust. The turning is great you can play around with the trucks to loosen it and make it easy to turn and tighten so hard you wouldn`t be able to to turn.

And no i can`t really do tricks yet but I`m working on the kick flip and Ollie.

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