Six Large Pate Chaud (Pork)

4 years ago

During my trip to Oklahoma City I stopped by Lee`s Sandwiches for the first time. Yes! It was my first time because we don`t have this place in my city. I know there`s one in Houston which I have yet to check out! I already made posts on some of the stuff I bought and I will continue on until it ends. The next thing I ordered from there were these large pate chaud in pork meat. No lie I didn`t know what they were called in English, but luckily I still had the reciept. LOL! I know what they`re called in Vietnamese though. I get this all the time at the Asian Market, but it has been months I`ve been there. So yeah! The employee thought we were crazy when we told her we wanted ALL of what she had. Which was six large pate chaud in pork meat. Each pate chaud were a $1.25 each so we got $7.50 worth of it. I think she looked at us all crazy is because we bought so many things all at once. LOL Oh yeah! There were other options in meat, but we got all of ours in pork meat. Basically a pate chaud is a Vietnamese puff pasty. What I love about this is that the patry is made of a light layered and it gets flaky when you eat it. Inside you can get pork, chicken or beef depending on what you want. In Vietnamese they`re called bánh patê sô. These babies were freaking huge! LOL Overall, I think Lee`s Sandwiches Pate Chaud taste better than the one I always buy from. HAHA Here`s what I ordered:
- 5 #1 Combination Sandwich - $14.95 ($2.99 each) /viz/combination-banh-mi
- 3 Durian Dessert - $9.75 ($3.25 each) /viz/che-thai-my-favorite
- 2 Banh Bao - $3.50 ($1.75 each) /viz/banh-bao-lees-sandwiches
- 6 Pate Chaud Large (Pork) - $7.50 ($1.25 each)
- 2 Ham & Cheese Croissant - $4.50 ($2.35 each) /viz/turkey-cheese-croissant
- 2 Turkey & Cheese - $4.50 ($2.35 each) In total, I spent exactly $48.45 on food at Lee`s Sandwiches food! CRAZY MUCH? Haha Questionnaire: 1. Do you like to eat Pate Chaud? 2. How often do you go to the Asian Market? Follow, rate & comments. Pictures are mines!

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