SIRI Is Leaning New Languages

5 years ago

SIRI is a great new piece of technology/software that puts a personal assistant on your phone ( well, iphone 4S) and it has changed a lot the mobile software world.
However SIRI has a problem, its not available in all languages from laucnh. Apple made a commitment that among the next months and years it would be available in more languages. I think its a unfair situation because some users pay as much, some even more depending on the country, to have an iphone 4s and they don`t have the same functions as others, but i do get it requires a lot of work and they are working on it. Also, for me it doesnt really matter because i have a 4 and it doesn`t have SIRI (for now...).

Apple is showing already some more development in SIRI languages and on the new released betas of the iOS 5.1 it was captured that SIRI is going to understand Japanese at least, in the next iOS update, which is good for Japanese users.
I can`t wait for them to release it in my language and of course to make it avaialble for the i4 when they show the new iphone.

<strong>Have you used SIRI before? Is SIRI supported in your language ( all the supported ones are one the image)?</strong>

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