Sinful Polishes for $0.99 again at Walgreens!

5 years ago

Yesterday, after church I took my mom to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for my dad. When we were walking out my mom noticed that the <strong>Sinful Polishes</strong> were on sale for $0.99 again. She wanted to get a few more polishes for herself and ask if I wanted any. Yes, I`m on a no-buy but this isn`t my money. >.< LOL! I picked only 3 polishes. I didn`t really bother to look at the the main display. I only looked at the little display. Boy, do I regret not looking at it now because apparently on Nouveau Cheap`s blog their is a new polish called <strong>Cinderella</strong> that I might have to break my no-buy for to have. Cinderella and a few other polishes are apparently new and was placed within the main collection and not in it`s own display.

I was able to pick up one of the new polishes she mentioned though, called <strong>Bare</strong>. The other two polishes I got were <strong>Amethyst</strong> and <strong>Black on Black</strong>. I`ve never noticed Amethyst at my local Wag. It`s a gorgeous purple that I don`t think I have anything similar to. It sort of reminds me of CG`s Spontaneous but I don`t have that to compare. On the other hand, I picked up Black on Black because I only have 2 other black polishes one from Essie that I don`t want to use for designs and one from Milani. I don`t really like the Milani one but I`ll review that later. I`ve seen quite a few people rave about Black on Black and I figured it`s $0.99 why not right?

<dt><dl><strong>Bare</strong>: A nude pink with almost unnoticeable silver shimmers. (New Shade part of the Heartbreaker Collection ~ more post about this polish very soon)

<strong>Amethyst</strong>: A barney purplish blue (words of my brother LOL). (Not exactly new according to the number but I`ve never noticed it during the last $0.99 sale. From what I`ve read it`s part of the Go Plaid Collection)

<strong>Black on Black</strong>: Pitch Black!!</dl></dt>

I`m thinking of going back tomorrow in hopes of stumbling across Cinderella. I just love the name of it mainly, she is one of my favorite Disney princesses. =D

<strong>Are you planning to pick up some Sinful polishes? Do you think I should break my no-buy for a $0.99 polish (just one...maybe LOL)?</strong>

Hope you enjoy my little haul. Don`t forget to comment, rate, follow, and friend because I will be posting more about Sinful Polish in Bare soon! =D

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