Sims 3 Supernatural

Russia EA let out the trailer (no longer available due to copyright claimed EA) and the images of the new expansion of Sims 3. Expansion different mystical creatures such as zombies, witches, werewolves, fairies and various other updates already added previously. T

he Wizards can learn spells and create the spell book and cauldron can duel each other in a battle of spells (among them the petrification). They can also get around by flying broomsticks, attend schools of magic and poison apples.

The fairies can bless, curse and even preach pranks on other Sims and they live in small houses hung from trees.

Zombies can infect other Sims through bites. It also has a new profession called `Gypsy` that can read the future of the sims (or being a charlatan).

Werewolves can hunt Sims / Animals in packs (groups) are hairy and can also visit lots of groups.

The Sims can be alchemists and enter the Magical World of the new expansion, but must enter the wardrobe (as in Narnia).

The Sims 3: Supernatural hits stores in September for PC / MAC.

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