Simply Belle Perfume (review)

4 years ago

Simply Belle is a perfume that I received as a sample vile in my order that I placed with fragrancenet. I can`t tell you what pushed me into sampling it at this point in time. I suppose curiosity. I had sniffed the little vile of it, but that is no way to experience a fragrance. I wanted to know how it would unfold on the skin. I`m not disappointed, yet at the same time I`m not head over heels for this particular perfume. Simply Belle was created in 2011 by Exceptional Parfums. It is categorized as a floral fragrance. I would definitely say it is a true floral. There is no questioning that. Pretty much all the way through, from the moment you apply it, to the point when the scent vanishes, you will experience a bouquet of flowers. It opened with a burst of citrus. It was a very fresh, true orange smell. It was kind of nice. It had a zingy quality to it that I liked. Unfortunately, that was fleeting. It lasted no more than a minute or two. The citrus was replaced by a nondescript floral bomb. It was a bit overwhelming at first and extremely powdery. My husband even commented that he smelled something that he could only describe as powder. Not necessarily baby powder, just powder. It is the kind of powder that feels as though it has stuck in the back of your throat. Thank goodness the suffocating sensation passed after around 15 minutes. Yes, I suffered for around 15 minutes just to find out what was behind the wall of powdery flowers. It was more flowers! Oh exciting day! The good news, however, is that it was a soft, small bouquet of flowers or perhaps just the tiniest whiff you`d get on a walk through a garden on a spring day. It wasn`t as though someone was shoving six dozen mixed flowers into my face at once. Finally, the tiniest hints of vanilla came into play. I wish they were more prominent, though. They were too faint to be fully enjoyed. Even in the base I still get mostly floral notes. I feel like this was a missed mark. I think they could have kicked up the vanilla a bit more and still allowed the floral to dance on the top, but sweetened it up. I think you have to really love floral fragrances to enjoy this perfume. You won`t pick up on much else. I think they hit the mark, though, with what they were going for (it just isn`t for me). It is a very pretty perfume. In that, I mean it is demure, light-hearted, and not very exciting. It is flouncy and reminds me of vintage oils that ladies would have worn in Victorian times. Crinolines and corsets come to mind. Over all, I think this is a decent, light fragrance that is good for applying after a shower or in the summer. It has a clean, almost floraly soap-like smell to it that would be perfect to extend out your just stepped from the shower scent or to wear on scorching summer days. Because of the clean scent it has, it could be very refreshing and not sticky for hot summers. Just make sure you really enjoy pure floral fragrances first.
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