Simple Treats for the Holiday Eats!

2 years ago

Okay I know you`re thinking these are just rice krispy treats, nothing special. Maybe that is true for the average rice krispy treat, but not for mine! I am going to show you the simplest trick to making extra gooey soft rice krispy treats that your family will die for!
First off you need a couple things:
- Non-Stick Spray
- Rice Krispys
- Marshmallows (the bigger bag)
- 3 tablespoons of butter

Now this part is standard I`ll let you know when to pay extra attention.
You`re going to start off by spraying EVERYTHING. I mean use your spray on the inside of your melting pot, on the spoons you`re using and especially on your baking dish. Now melt your butter in a medium to large sized pot over low/medium heat.
Next you`ll want to add 3/4 of your marshmallows. HEADS UP this is the important part, make sure you save a good cup (or more) of your marshmallows for later. Pay close attention to your marshmallows as they melt, if the temperature is to high they`ll start to burn. If you get a couple dark spots in your marshmallows don`t worry you can`t tell once the krispies are mixed in.
Next up slowly add your krispy cereal. I say slowly because it will be easier to stir in a small amount and you`ll be able to control the consistency of your treats better. I find that just 3/4 of the box of cereal will give you the perfect treats!
Once you get the cereal well mixed add the rest of your marshmallows and turn off the heat. Stir in your new marshmallows so they`re well mixed, and give them a few minutes to get a little melty.
Your next step is to dump the sweet concoction into a well greased baking dish. The last thing you have to do is push down the treats into the dish so they make an even layer.
I recommend using a chilled metal spoon that is well greased to pat down the treats, it works really well.
Now you can enjoy your treats! You`ll find they`re super soft and gooey with chunks of marshmallow in the, which is my favorite part!
I hope you enjoy this recipe, even though it`s pretty basic you`ve got to love a classic. Happy Holidays everyone!


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