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4 years ago

Simple is one of my favourite word just because of the meaning it just make me think of a pure and natural and easy going which are some my favourite thing so when comes to skin care products if a company is called Simple and uses no fragrance, no colours or no harmful chemical in their products well then Im really going to like that company and their product. Simple has made its way into the USA and other places recently so if you know about their products then thats great and I would really like it if you shared your opinion. Im going to tell you about some of the products I use and how I use. First I cleanse my face with the Simple kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion then I tone my face with the Simple kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner after this I apply the Simple eyes soothing eye balm then I apply the Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream and at night I will apply the Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream. What I really like is that these products are not expensive at all but they work really well and I dont care if something is high end or drugstore as long as it works well thats all that matter in my opinion. I use a lot of simple products because they really do work. If you look any of the products they always write that they are fragrance free which I agree with because they dont smell to good but I dont care to that what makes them natural also you will notice that their products are clear or white they dont add any colours to the products which make me like them even more. I really like this company because some companies write no fragrance or no colour but yet when you smell them or look at them that is not the case they just lie which is really annoying. Overall I think Simple is Simple and great. Do you like Simple?

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