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4 years ago

With the Internet now-a-day, you can google search for exactly what it takes to have the good equipment for something simple like a product shoot. There are products out there that costs hundreds of dollars and takes up tons of space that will get you a nice picture. What people forget because of this is how to make use of what you have to make it work.

Personally I`m someone that will find whatever way possible to have a cheaper, yet effective alternative for certain things. A good example is a simple setup for a product shoot. Now granted, a lot of photos you see are shot from my phones camera and are definitely not the best quality nor do they look any good. But there are moments where I feel like taking a little more effort in getting a nicer picture. Those moments of course are very sporadic. And since that the case, even if I had all the fancy equipment, it`d take time to set up a light box and all of that, which kills the sporadic feeling.

Instead, I use something simple and definitely affordable. I use a large piece of poster paper, white. But it can be whatever color you like, personally I like white because it`s better for what I`m trying to shoot. And you need a light source. In the picture I moved the light, but it would normally face the back of the "backdrop". If you don`t have an external flash and only have the built in camera flash, no worries, take your lamp, and cover it with some white tissue paper and turn off the flash for your camera.

Now, I`m no professional and this is not the best way to do it. Nor am I saying this is the right way to do it. I`m just letting you guys know what I do and what works for me to achieve what I am trying to do. It works for some things and it doesn`t work for some things. It also takes trial and error and seeing what works for you.

Hope this was helpful for some of you that want to take some product photos but can`t afford all that fancy/expensive equipment.

(Picture is my own)

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