Simple Pasta Sauce sure to impress!

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The is going to be the easiest dinner you will ever make! You`ll need a few ingredients to get you started.
-1lb Chicken I use boneless skinless chicken breast
-White Cooking Wine
- Butter
- Heavy Cream
- Salt and Pepper
- Your favorite Pasta

The first thing you`ll want to do is cook your chicken through in a pan with some olive oil. I cut my chicken into bite size pieces because that`s how I like it, but you can leave your chicken whole if you want, just make sure it`s cook 100%. After you`ve cooked your chicken put it in a separate dish on the side.
Now in your pan you`ll have these crispy brown specs! This is all the flavor from the chicken and it will make up most of the flavor of your pasta sauce. The next step is to make sure the pan is hot and pour in some of your white wine. I never measure anything when I make pasta sauce you can make a lot or a little just eye ball what you need.
After you poor in the wine give the bottom of the pan a hard whisk to get all those crispy pieces off. Let the wine bubble and reduce for a few minutes. I take this time to add a tablespoon of butter. When the Wine has reduces to half lower the temperature and pour in your heavy cream. After you pour in your cream bring the temperature back up to a simmer and stir occasionally. Your sauce will thicken gradually as it simmers, if you want a thick sauce let it simmer longer. Remember you can always thin it out with more cream, or regular milk.
When your sauce is at it`s desired thickness put your chicken back in and get it warmed back through. Now you`re ready to serve! Put your sauce over some noodle or even rice and enjoy! Oh! Don`t forget to add salt and pepper throughout the steps as you like it. You can also add other ingredient s and customize your sauce and pasta. This is a super simple base pasta sauce, go crazy!

This method of making the white sauce is an alternative to making a rue, though both take the same amount of time making a rue can be messy and difficult if you don`t have a good method.
I hope you enjoy this recipe! Let me know if you give it a try!

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