Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

4 years ago

I have tried so many moisturizers over the years. I am someone who will find something, stick with it for quite some time, and eventually move along to something else that seems like it could fit the bill. I have been using this particular foundation for about a year now, I would say. I originally started to use it because a dermatologist I had been seeing started me on medicines that were extremely harsh on my skin. We`re talking, having my skin feel like acid had been poured all over it and even after cleansing (which burned like none other!) it was hard to apply moisturizer without fanning myself, hoping for relief. I have since found a new doctor! WHEW! Anyway, back then, I was told to use a moisturizer that also contained salicylic acid (NUTS!). I decided, on my own, to go against what this doctor said because it was frying my face off. I went looking for something natural and less harsh. I started by using something in the Burt`s Bees line. I can`t remember the exact name, but it was for sensitive skin and had cotton extract (?) in it. That was heaven. It was gentle on my skin and didn`t burn like the devil when I applied it. Because of the price tag and the small amount of product in the tube, I wanted to try to find something else. I wound up looking at products within the Simple line. I like that it is light (they do have a thicker, richer formulation as well) and soaks into my skin quickly. It makes my skin feel healthy, not too dry and not too heavy with moisture. I never experience oiliness using it. I have gone through several bottles of this and plan to continue purchasing (at least until something new pops up that I just have to try...haha!). There isn`t an SPF to this moisturizer, though, which could be a downfall for some people. Because of this, I use a separate SPF over it in the day. I will do a post on that product next. If I am correct, this product started out in the UK and eventually made its way here to the states. This is a relatively new product on our shelves. I, typically, don`t have a problem finding it in stores. I find that this moisturizer doesn`t irritate my skin on a day to day basis. Granted, I am not using/taking the same medications from Dr. Skin Destroyer. If I go overboard with topical treatments, like benzoyl peroxide creams, I will have slight irritation from the moisturizer, but I attribute that more to the fact that I went a bit nutso trying to dry up a pimple area. Do I think the Burt`s Bees moisturizer would be better for those times? Probably. If that stuff can be soothing to skin that was fire engine red back a year ago, then I think it could soothe slightly over-dried patches. But, if you have normal to sensitive skin I think this moisturizer would work perfect. If you, for some reason, have a doctor like I did who burnt the heck out of your skin, or you have extremely sensitive skin, then I would recommend trying the Burt`s Bees moisturizer.
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