Simple 5 step Dinner!

2 years ago

How often do you avoid thinking about dinner because you don`t know what to make or what sounds good? Well this is a simple 5 step recipe that will fill your stomach without dirtying all your dishes.
Here`s what you need:
-Beef Tenderloin (or other meat preference)
- Medium yellow onion
- Salt and Pepper

This recipe is super simple and only takes a few minutes before you`ve got a hot meal in front of you. This can be served with rice or over veggies depending on what you prefer. My grandfather used to make this for me at breakfast when I was a little girl, so every now and again I whip it up and think of him.
The first think you want to do is to chop your onion and your meat. If you chop your onion first you can use the same cutting board for your meat, but don`t do that the other way around. I like to cut my onion into really thin strips, but you can cut it how every you like. When you cut the meat remember you want it on the thinner side, but not to thin. The thinner the cut the faster it`s going to cook and you want it to take a few minutes to cook so it gets that delicious onion flavor!

The second step is to get your pan on the burner with some butter in it and put that on a medium high heat. The temperature here is important, you don`t want to burn your butter but you do want to get it nice and hot so by the time you`re ready to put the meat in it gets a nice dark brown crisp on it.

The third step is to add your onions. When I make this I usually have a lot of meat and a lot of onions so I divide the onions and the meat up into thirds and make it in three different batches. You don`t want to over crowd your pan so just take your time. Each batch takes less then 5 minutes so it won`t be long!

Once the onions are soft and becoming more translucent add your meat. I like it when the onions cook right into the meat so I lay the meat right on top of the onions, but you could push them to the side if you prefer. It will take about 2 minutes on each side(depending on how thick you cut the meat).
*If you`re going to make rice to go with it, this is where I would start boiling my water.

The last step is to flip the meat and let it continue to cook. Depending on what meat you use, you don`t want to cook it all the way through. If you`re using a beef tenderloin you`ll want it to be pink in the middle still. Over cooking the meat will make it tough and hard to chew, trust me don`t be scared of a little pink. This is usually where I would add a little salt and pepper too, I just like a little sprinkle of each over the top after it`s been flipped.

If you`ve divided this up into batches you`ll want to make sure you take all the onions out with the meat and put in fresh butter for your second batch, then you just follow the steps again.
This really is one of my favorite recipes from my childhood, and it is so easy that anyone can make it!
I hope you`re willing to give it a try! Don`t be afraid to jazz it up some with garlic and spices.

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