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5 years ago

There are several ways to depict the flamboyant Indian culture. The one way is through its vibrant and colorful clothing and at the forefront are sarees, the form of attire that has not only found its origin in India itself but also has defined femininity in Indian culture in a very unique way, unlike any other part of the world. Silk sarees consists of the most important part of Indian clothing especially sarees.

These are that form of clothing which is made from the natural fiber, silk that is obtained from silkworm which is then craftily woven into a strip of unstitched cloth called saree and is draped around the body by women. The length of sarees ranges from four to nine yards.

The popularity of the silk sarees has now moved beyond the seams of Indian subcontinent and its nearby regions like that of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Singapore. Online shopping portals have made the accessibility to Indian clothing easy thereby, increasing its popularity.

But if you browse through the category of silk sarees online one is bound to get confuse as different regions of India has produced and specialized in different types of silk sarees that are made available throughout the world. These sarees epitomizes elegance and poignancy for the women who wear it.

There are varieties of silk sarees that are available which include, chanderi silk saree, Kosa Silk sarees, Ikkat silk sarees, Baluchari Silk sarees, Berhampuri Silk sarees and more. But there are some silk sarees that make for the popular choice amongst women.

While you buy silk sarees online you can make a selection from the popular ones discussed below.

Banarasi Silk sarees make for one of the most widely known form, originating from Varanasi. These sarees appear rich and opulent in their designs as the inspiration for them is taken from Mughal era which is known for its rich artistic work. The sarees are lavishly designed with the help of golden and silver zari work. Sometimes network called Jal is also used.

The other very popular form of silk saree is Kanchipuram silk sarees. These ones originate from the region of Tamil Nadu but its popularity is due to the highest quality silk that it is made of. The finesse and durability makes it stand out amongst the other ones making it a very popular choice. Due to its richness and alluring designs and colors it is used as wedding attire. The saree is usually furbished with traditional patterns such as ambi, floral, symmetric that interwoven with pulence of zari work.

Among one another very popular style of silk sarees that you can make a choice from are Mysore Silk Sarees, which comes from the Mysore city of Karnataka. Unlike others this is a very light form of silk sarees and is known for contrasting combinations and heavy borders.

Silk sarees make for very elegant attire which makes a woman look graceful and sensuous at the same time. So making it one of your frequently garb would not be a regret.

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