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9 months ago

I`ve been looking for a better way to clean my face, making sure to remove the makeup. I`ve been eyeing the clarsonic but it`s just too expensive for me especially since you have to replace the brush heads. There`s s new silicone brush that you don`t need to replace brush heads by the brand Foreo. But I`m still hesitant on buying that yet. So I was looking for a cheaper alternative until I decide to put down the money on the Foreo silicone brush.
I happened to stumble upon a video showing a mini silicone brush that she bought from Diaso for only $1.50. She gave a really good review on it and says for the price it`s not bad.
So one day while I was out, I decided to check out a Daiso that was near the area in search for this silicone brush. I was glad I spotted it in time cause there was only a few left. But the one they had on the shelf looked a little different than the one I had seen on YouTube. The one I saw had a loop where you`re supposed to use to hang to dry but also can slip your finger in to get a better grip. This one just had a small hole but it has a stub in the back of the brush where you could have it clamped between two fingers. But no matter what, it`s the same brush with a little different in design.
As I said this brush is $1.50 and it`s about the size if a small kiwi. It comes in two colors, pink and purplish pink. I bought one pinks and two purplish one. One for myself and the other two for my two nieces to try.
I have been using it for a at least a few weeks now and I must say I love it. I can`t compare this to the Clarsonic or the Fereo because I don`t own either one. But for the price this brush does give you a good cleaning of the face if used along With your face wash.
This brush claims to clean right down to the pores. Gentle for your face. It also claims to remove accumulated skin debris, dead skins, sebaceous matter, and remove pore clogging impurities.
I can`t say the claims are 100 % true but I can agree that it`s gentle to the face. It`s better than using the brushe with the bristle head. It definitely gives you better cleaning than just using your hands because it has those little silicone stubs on the brush that really gives your face a good gentle scrub down. I do feel that my face feels softer afterwards. And it`s only $1.50
Another thing I picked up is this silicone pot holder. Now I`m not using it to remove my pots from my stove... Lol. I plan to clean my brushes with this. I`ve seen those expensive silicone pads with ridges to clean brushes but I just can`t bring myself to fork out that much for a silicone pad. I`ve seen videos on cheaper alternatives that was made for a different purpose but can also be used to clean makeup brushes for a cheaper price. They are silicone pot holders and most of the people I`ve seen on YouTube has said they found them at their local 99 cent only store and dollar tree. I`ve checked my local 99 cents store but was able to locate one. Then while at Daiso while walking around their kitchen aisle, I spotted it. It`s exactly like the one I`ve seen on YouTube. As you can see in the last picture, it`s not a flat piece of silicone mat. You can literally stick your fingers inside the two pockets thus giving you better hold. Like a mitten for instance. It has ridges on both ends of the silicone mitten pot holder. It also has ridges in the center which are deeper than the ones on the two sides. If you don`t mind losing the ridges in the center, you can actually cut it in half if you prefer to just have one side to hold onto and maybe share one with a friend. I have already used this to clean some of my brushes and I must say it works better than just rubbing the brushes back and forth on the palm of my hands. And it`s only $1.50. And another thing is , it has a look of a alligator face on it... Lol
To let this dry, I can either hang it or I can just lay it standing up. I think this is much better than forking out over $20 for a high end silicone mat where this cheaper version one can do the same thing.

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