Sigma Paris Palette: Swatches, Thoughts and DUPES! [Picture Heavy!]

4 years ago

So recently I placed an order from the Luuux shop and I received it like two days ago and I promised for swatches, so there they are :D

So the is the <strong>Sigma Paris Palette</strong>. Sigma, on their website has this to say about it...
<cite>"The Limited Edition Paris Makeup Palette includes eight eye shadow colors inspired by landmark monuments and locations in Paris. It also includes two blush colors and one highlight shade, carefully developed to complement all skin tones. The palette comes with two essential brushes for a flawless makeup application."</cite>

Now this palette might not be new for many Youtubers because some Youtube gurus have been advertising it for the last two months or so because it was a project between the gurus and Sigma. So there were MakeupbyTiffanyD, Petrilude, MacNC40, DulceCandy87, xteeener, frmheadtotoe and xsparkage, all of which are pretty well known in the Youtube world! So now onto the actual palette...

The Paris palette is composed of 8 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and a highlighter, and along with that, it also comes with an eyeshadow brush and a contouring brush as well, so there are the components in detail:

<ol> <li><strong>Eiffel</strong> - a typical matte black shadow with thing multicolored glitters in it</li> <li><strong>Seine</strong> - a satin navy blue, but sometimes in the swatches, it looks like a duochrome, with tiny hints of purple in it</li> <li><strong>Louve</strong> - a matte peacock blue/teal, I found that for a matte shadow, it swatched pretty well</li> <li><strong>Orsay</strong> - a bright aqua seafoam green with a golden sheen and glitters</li> <li><strong>Elysées</strong> - a satin brown with hints of dark purple in it</li> <li><strong>Notre Dame</strong> - satin taupe, with hints of lavender purple peeking through</li> <li><strong>Triomphe</strong> - red brown color but is a duochrome, so underneath light, it kind of turns green</li> <li><strong>Versailles</strong> - creme white with a golden sheen</li> </ol>

<em>Blushes and Highlighter:</em>
<ol> <li><strong>Rouge</strong> - a darkened pink</li> <li><strong>Pêche</strong> - a light peach pink</li> <li><strong>Lumiére</strong> - a shimmery cream color with a light golden sheen</li> </ol>

<ol> <li><strong>E55</strong> - an eye shading brush</li> <li><strong>F40</strong> - a large angled contour</li> </ol>

I tried my best to describe the me! I`m a bit color dumb but I`m learning that there are more colors in the world than red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple LOL

<strong>What are my thoughts?</strong>
So I`m a newbie at Sigma and honestly this was my first time trying their products out, so I thought getting the Paris Palette would allow me to get first hand experience with their brushes and makeup. Overall the eyeshadows are good, all the swatches above (going from left to right) are done with no primer and they still showed up pretty pigmented! The blushes and highlighter (blush to highlighter going from right to left) were a bit lighter than I anticipated because when I tried swatching it, the highlighter just wouldn`t show up but then again its not really suppose to show up alot though LOL! The brushes that came with the palette are super soft and dense. The packaging seems to be a bit bluky...something that I don`t think I would take with me when I travel but the mirror inside, it`s huge...big enough to see your eyes and face!

Now originally, this palette on the Sigma site is $59, but I`ve got some dupes so if you`re thinking about getting the Paris palette should you reconsider if you have the dupes :)

<em>Dupes (Eyeshadows only):</em>
<ul> <li>1. The definer color (matte black with glitter) from <strong>Wet n` Wild`s Blue Had Me at Hello</strong> is a dupe for Eiffel</li> <li>2. The crease color (a satin navy blue) from <strong>Wet n` Wild`s Blue Had Me at Hello</strong> is a dupe for Seine</li> <li>3. The eyelid color (satin aqua turquoise) from <strong>Wet n` Wild`s Blue Had Me at Hello</strong> is a dupe for Orsay, not an exact one, but close enough</li> <li>4. The third color (a satin brown) in <strong>Revlon`s 12 Hour Stay Eyeshadow Quad in Copper Spice</strong> is a dupe for Elysées, again, not exact but really close</li> <li>5. The eyelid color (a purple taupe) from <strong>Wet n` Wild`s ColorIcon Trio in Silent Treatment</strong> is a dupe for Notre Dame, this is almost an exact duplicate</li> <li>6. The definer color (red brown with green duochrome) from <strong>Wet n` Wild`s Comfort Zone</strong> is a dupe for Triomphe, again almost an exact dupe</li> <li>The browbone color (satin creme) from <strong>Wet n` Wild`s Comfort Zone</strong> is a dupe for Versailles</li> </ul>

Since I don`t own too many blushes, honestly before this palette, I had a total of 2 blushes...I really can`t say I have dupes for those. But hey maybe one day I will when I start to gather my collection of blushes, bronzers and highligthers!

So here is my list of dupe...I couldn`t find a dupe for Louve...but then again, I don`t have have a huge eyeshadow collection to gather dupes from but I tried my best to help everyone else :)
I hope everyone enjoyed my swatches, thoughts and dupes!

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)
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