Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit Review

Hi everyone I haven`t been luuuxing in a while! This year I want to update my luuux as much as I can! I wanted to share with you guys here how Sigma`s Mrs Bunny kit has made my makeup life so much easier almost a year since I got this!

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I originally already have the Sigma Essential kit brushes. I got the Mrs. Bunny Essential kit because I really love synthetic brushes and It`s in my favorite color, baby blue and pink!

Read my Sigma Make me blush review and if you want to know how the bunny brushes looks like in packaging, and natural vs synthetic brushes read here~

The Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush kit

comes with 12 brushes. All of them are identical to the Natural brushes line except that they`re synthetic, which means, they are animal-cruelty free hence the "bunny". The bristles are brown-black with white tips.

I really like the outlook of it, however, what won my heart is the fact that they hardly shed, at all! I`ve always had some shedding on my other brushes, it`s natural for high end brushes to shed but because these ones are made from Sigmax`s Synthetic HD bristles, they rarely shed, even the face brushes!

The Bunny Kit brush handles comes in 2 colors, Mr. Bunny which is classic black and Mrs. Bunny which is what I have, baby blue handle with pink ferrules. It also comes in this gorgeous brush container!

The packaging is !

The flower opener! It`s super cute!

The brushes` Prints are the same as the natural brushes kit. Monochrome that looks shiny

Eyeliner - E05

This is a very pointy and precise brushes, reminds me of Caligraphy brushes..great for gel liners!
Pencil - E30

This is my favorite brush! It`s fluffier compared to the Pencil E30 in the Make Me kit but it helps me alot in blending especially under the lashline
Tapered Blending - E40

This brush is great for blending, it`s a lot more sturdy compared to the make me kit`s tapered blending brush and it remains straight too. The one in the make me kit has black bristles and gets frizzy sometimes.

Eye Shading - E55

This brush is good for packing on colors but I find it short, this one is harder and more pact compared to the other make me kit`s eye shading but I prefer that one because it is softer ^_~

Large Shader - E60

I honestly don`t use this brush a lot, same as the one in the make me kit but I tried using this as a concealer brush and it`s really great at packing and putting it on ^_^
Small Angle - E65

At first I preferred my other small angle brush but then I changed my mind because this one is much more accurate compared to the other small angle. It is sturdier and very precise.. like a synthetic angled liner brush should be :) My new favorite angled liner brush!

Medium Angled Shading - E70

This brush is great, easy to work with blending and contouring
Large Powder - F30

I like this brush a lot! It`s so big and fluffy! much more fluffy compared to the older large powder in the other kit. It is super soft and easy to use..addicted to touching this brush! But I somehow prefer the other Large Powder brush sometimes because Im not used to not being able to see my powder on the brush haha..
Large Angled Contour - F40

This is not great for my powder blushes, I wasted a lot of products because it somehow sticks to it, but for cream blushes, this thing is amazing!! I don`t own a lot of cream blushes so I mixed in my powder blush with my bb cream and it works wonders
Duo Fibre - F50

I find that this stipling brush`s bristles is very fine compared to my other duo fibre in the make me blush I really like this one because it looks really nice and much more softer too! Great for cream blushes, nothing bad to say about this one
Foundation - F60

This brush is also the same size compared to the make me kit but what I don`t like is that the bristles are "packed" But using liquid foundation wise, I really like it, gives me a flawless finish
Concealer - F70

This is my favorite from the Make Me Kit so I was happy to find that this one has a similar texture! It looks like a sister to my concealer brush so I`m very happy about that :)


I prefer most of the brushes in the Mrs. Bunny kit a lot better compared to the Natural brushes I previously had hands down. If you remember, I was really excited when it was coming out, I really synthetic brushes! If you are looking for a set of good brushes to own, then these won`t disappoint. I really love it! There have been a lot of complaints with the natural brushes in the past and I can agree to some but the bunny kit is a huge step up compared to essential kits and make-me-up`s.

The only difference is they can be harder or easier to work with depending on the products that you use. In honesty, I am happy with the brushes that I get, the brushes are much cheaper compared to a high end makeup store but they are very high quality! I bought this set with my own money so I can say that it`s pretty steep myself..eeeps lol but I`m happy with the brushes and super cute container! ^_^

My Mrs. Bunny Brush case on my vanity, to be honest, it is always open haha..Hope you guys enjoyed this review! If you have this kit or if you want it, let me know! ^_^ I have to study for my exams!! Will be MIA for a bit ( unless I can`t help it! lol!! ) bye bye! Take care everyone! :)

P.S If you need a Sigma Coupon, see here or my sidebar for updates!

~Quin Kitty

FTC Disclaimer : I am not affiliated with the company mentioned above. I did not get paid to review this product, I used my own money to purchase all of the things mentioned above - All opinions are my own and are based from my personal experiences

*All photos are mine do not use them without consent*

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