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SIGMA DRYN SHAPE - review I recently got Sigmas because I think that I am one of those lazy girls that tries to was her brushes once a week, but obviously fails. So Im always looking for ways to change that fact. I dont know if that fact will ever change but I definitely a fan of this product. A long time ago, I bought some brush guards (review: /viz/brush-guards-great-investment and I love them! But after using them over and over again, I realized how long it took for them to dry. Plus, the bigger sized guards changed forms as well. Dont get me wrong, theyre great but I definitely think theyre a lot better for the smaller brushes ie, the eye shadow brushes. And so looking for a solution for the bigger ones I ran into the sigma The is great especially great for face brushes are at least the bigger brushes that you own. There are claims that it dries your brushes in four to six hours, which I never really tested or timed so I cannot confirm or deny that fact. And as for the claim that it will keep your brushes in its original form this is only half true with a little bit of attention. The thing that you have to keep in mind is to overlap the end of the bristles under the ring, OR ELSE, the bristles will have that ring/bump that you get when you tie your hair when its still wet. I do like the fact that it has that band that you put your brush in, because sometimes, I noticed, that when it comes to some brushes, its harder to tell if you got out all the soap (especially the ELF flat top) in the brush. So this band is great because the soap will bubble/foam and you can see it. That means its time to go back and rinse it again. (I hope that made sense). One of the best reason its great is because you doesnt take up much room. I know some of you (I used to be guilty) like to lay everything out on a towel/paper towel and so it takes up a lot of space. But with the you can just roll it up and store it somewhere. Overall, I would like to say that the is great for bigger brushes ie. face brushes but the brush guards are better for smaller brushes ie eyeshadow brushes. I see how some flaws would bug you, but honestly, with a little bit of attention and just being a little careful, it will be the best things for your brushes. PS. USE THE CODE LOVE2012 FOR TEN PERCENT OFF *pictures belong to me*

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