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5 years ago

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I recently won a drawing for a giftcard to Sigma Beauty. While I was surfing around looking at their collections, I completely forgot about their Think Pink collection, which was the Cleansing & Polishing Tool.

Now, I have incredibly difficult skin to deal with. While I have combination skin, in the cooler months, my skin dries up so bad. Most of my skin does, actually, but my face is far worse. Flaking, irritation, redness, ker-blah.

I saw that this was only $39, so I decided to give it a shot. While I`ve heard amazing things about Clarisonic Skin Cleansing tool, I couldn`t really afford to drop $100+ at the moment. I watched some YouTube videos and read some reviews of this product, and I was sold.

It comes in a pink case with the Sigma logo on front. I love pink, so this in itself kind of had me sold before I made my mind up. ;) I adore the fact that it`s a very simple color scheme of my favorite color.

Included in the package is the brush handle, and three brush heads, Soft, Medium and Firm. Soft is used for daily cleansing, while medium and firm are used depending on the body part for a deeper exfoliation once or twice a week.

It`s powered by two AA batteries and says that it`s water resistant. Getting the entire tool a little damp in the washing process doesn`t seem to cause any problem, but I wouldn`t want to wash with this in the shower (for those of us who typically wash our faces while we shower) to be safe. I had a bitch time trying to get the battery cover off for the first time, because the inside of the battery cover is lined with silicon in order to keep water out. But aside from that, I had no issues.

The brush heads are easy to swap around. Just pull one off, pop one on, hit the button and you`re good to go. There are two speeds that you can cycle through by clicking the button on the front. The slower speed is good for just cleansing, and the faster speed is good for exfoliation. You`re advised not to use it for longer than a minute`s time in order to not to hurt your skin. Any longer and your face will begin to feel a bit tender.

I`ve used this a few times already since I`ve gotten it. For washing with the Soft and exfoliation with the Firm brush. I haven`t had a chance to purchase the facial cleansers that I usually have, but my mother gave me one from Avon that worked just as well. You apply the cleanser directly to the brush and then use it on your face. Be warned though, if you`re using the higher speed, that in the rapid spinning motion, sometimes the excess facial cleanser will fly out at you, so guard your eyes. :P

All in all, I was very satisfied with this product. I`m even more happy that replacement brush heads are only $9 a piece! I still want to give Clarisonic a try in the future to see if it`s worth spending the extra money on, but otherwise, this is great for someone on a budget (like me--hooray college!) who wants a deeper clean when washing their face. It`s incredibly easy to use, and I love that it comes with a case so I don`t have to worry about tossing it in a bag.

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