Sigma Brush mat dupe? + more tips and tricks to clean your brushes!

9 months ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I wanted a share a quick post about a possible dupe for the Sigma silicone brush mat and share some of my tips and tricks for washing/drying my brushes.

Sigma has it`s silicone brush cleaning mats and gloves, and while they do a good job, they also cost a pretty penny!

The small `express` cleaning mat is 25 bucks while the larger one is 32 dollars!
They also have glove options that you can wear on your hands that can cost even more!

The idea is that by swirling your brush along the grooves and texture of the silicone, you clean your brushes.

However, after watching a video on YouTube, I got the idea to seek out a textured silicone oven mitt instead. I wasn`t able to find a mitt, but I did find this trivet that is meant for using with hot dishes.

Obviously, an option like this only has one texture while the Sigma ones boast seven, but I`ve already tested this out and it does a pretty good job.

I just use baby shampoo and swirl it on the trivet and you can see the make-up and shadow come right off the brush. I rinse and swirl again and rinse one last time. Some of the bigger face brushes may get rinsed a few more times if I still see bubbles when I swirl it around.

I then re shape the bristles and hang them upside down off of a towel bar in my bathroom using some elastic bands (see second picture). It`s best to have your brushes upside down so no water seeps into the ferule and loosens the glue holding everything together! Using the towel bar saves the need for a brush tree!

I hope these tips give you some inspiration! All the items I used to clean my brushes can be found at the dollar store . The silicone trivet, baby shampoo and elastics are all from Dollarama (not including the towel bar which I figure most people have in their bathroom already! Lol)

What low costs tips, tricks or dupes can you offer for making brush cleaning easier?


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