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4 years ago

Hey Luuuxers !

I have a question for you: is that me or did they increase the number of luuuxes to shop the Sigma beauty ultimate package? It seems like everytime I go and check it costs more luuuxes lol

I had in mind 17 000 so I thought I was getting close but right now it is almost 20 000 luuuxes I feel like I`m never gonna get it! How come?? :`(

Well I gues I`m just gonna keep on posting ^^`
Anyways I haven`t planned on stopping after getting my kit lol I really like it actually =)

I think it is pretty cool to be able to interact with so many people from around the world! Honestly when I started it was just to get rewards and have something in exchange but now it is like having my own gallery to express one of my passions which is make up !

I love make up not because it hides (not at all) but because it enhances your inner beauty, it is just crazy when I do a makeover and the person does not even recognize herself whereas I did not do any surgery lol I just draw eyeliner for instane and it extends her eyes or I contour her face and her face appears slimmer. I don`t know I just love that, I could talk about it for hours ^^

I`m glad I had the chance to attend Make Up For Ever classes and graduated from there. I wish all of you to get to your aim whatever it is =)

Have a great one everybody !

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