Sigma Beauty- Dry amp Shape Review

4 years ago

First off Dry & Shape is defintely an item that is not a needed purchase if you already do own Brush Guards however if you are looking towards something that is less maintence and more into a investment the Dry & Shape is a great thing in a makeup collection.
-Defintely much easier process, convience, and a great investment in the long run.
-Will shape your brushes while it dries so no need to worry about mishaped brushes.
-Faster to dry on it`s own rather then slanted or normally held upright
-Looks very classy and feels of great material
-Although it does allow your brushes to stand upright I have not tried it that way since I find that it will still allow water to go to the bristles and it`s much easier just to not take the risk.
-Pricewise but it is a great investment to some
-Harder to fit the bigger brushes (Sigma Powder, Sigma Foundation, Elf Powder since it is really tight on the handle and once you do try to pull the handle to fit the material the brush bristle gets out of the Sigma Dry *Mesh?* Material
-Not really helpful if you have more brushes then the actual amount of brushes Dry&Shape can fit.
-Defintely does not fit the Sigmax Brushes or Kabukki brushes
-*Shipping*- Can only be found on SigmaBeauty online and may be harder to order for international purchases.

Tips: If your sigmax brushes don`t fit through the sigma *mesh?* wording then just put it through the artificial leather and place the brush bristles on top of the sigma *mesh?*.

Overall, I really do like this product and glad that it was included in my Sigma Ultimate Brush Kit. It defintely makes washing brushes much easier then buying Brush Guards to shape the brushes when it does it all in one. I really love that it`s perfect for just allowing the Dry& Shape to be slanted on a wall with a towel underneath or up right standing on it`s own since it will all the brushes to dry much faster than being slanted at a 45 degree angle. Although it does have some cons which I find quite troublesome, but you can defintely find a way to resolve the issue! So overall I give this a B do you really need it? No, but you know you defintely want it :)!

Do you have the Dry& Shape? Will you be switching or using your regular brush cleaning methods. Let me know down below
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