Side of me that was once hidden.

I used to think,
That no one was there,
to lift me up and help me through,
no one to love,
to hold,
to know they loved me back,
i would hide in the corners,
close the blinds,
turn off the lights,
make sure i was hidden from the world,
It was a scary place out there,
You wouldn`t imagine,
someone turning on you,
and leaving you after they get what they wanted,
he used me for his 1st kiss,
then left me there useless,
he never wanted what i had to offer,
what i offered was my heart,
he took it,
he glanced at it,
he poured gasoline on it,
grabbed his lighter,
and put it to flames,
as i cryed on the floor patting out the flames,
he walks away with no regrets,
now as i sit on the floor i look at my heart,
its in pain.
luckily someone does come,
a nice guy who does love me,
i loved him since forever,
he held out his hand,
he lifted me up,
took my heart,
healed it and took my heart,
he loves me forever,
he knows that now i am better,
now that i am with him,
i feel like a princess.

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