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For some time I`m really interested in anything that is chemical-free (parabens, sulfate, etc.). In addition, one of my favorite is youtubeuse Michelle1218. I listen to it since the beginning of the chain. We have the same skin type. So, I was immediately interested in the Sibu Beauty product line since it is the one she used. However, when I had a rather small budget. If you want a routine low budget here.

Also, I ordered a site This is a website that sells products all natural. This site is filled with products (food, cosmetics, etc..) If ever you order, I have a coupon that entitles you to $ 5.00 off: QUR535. Also, if you buy for $ 60.00 and you get a discount of $ 10.00.


 1 - Age defying eye cream
This is an eye cream that soft, repairs and firms the skin around the eyes. This product contains oil pumpkin. You should apply the product every morning and evening around the eyes.
Price: $ 17.47 on the site iherb $ 24.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

Age defying eye cream
2 - Cleansing the face and body bar
This cleansing bar contains natural ingredients that are astringent. Furthermore, the bread helps hydrate the skin. It allows, also, to allow tissue to regenerate. Apply product to wet skin.
Price: $ 5.01 on the site iherb $ 6.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

Cleansing the face and body bar
 3 - Hydrating Serum
 This serum helps give a much more toned texture to the skin. Moreover, this product clarifies the skin and helps protect the skin from the environment. Collagen stimulation is improving. It is necessary to apply the product by making a massage on the face and neck. Apply morning and evening.
Price: $ 27.97 on the site iherb $ 39.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

hydrating serum
Balancing facial cleanser 4-
The facial cleanser leaves skin radiant and refreshed. In addition, it removes excess oil. Micro-particles gently exfoliates the skin. Cleanse the skin with this product twice a day.
Price: $ 12.57 on the site iherb $ 17.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

Balancing Facial Cleanser
5 - Nourishing facial cream
This cream regenerated damaged skin and protects the environment. Apply on clean skin to protect skin and moisturize it.
Price: $ 14.67 on the site iherb $ 20.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

daytime cream
6 - toner Clarifying
This product refreshes and moisturizes the skin. It also Ph of the skin to be balanced for six hours. This product can be applied directly to the skin after cleansing or on a cotton or refreshed for the course of the day.
Price: $ 17.47 on the site iherb $ 24.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

Clarifying Toner
7 - Seed oil
Apply 2-4 drops of the necessary parts. This product works fast and is absorbed quickly. The oil helps acne, eczema and rosettes.
Price: $ 11.17 on the site iherb $ 15.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

seed oil
8) replenishing night cream
This night cream softens the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines. Moreover, this cream stimulates the cycle of skin renewal to reduce the effects of the sun. Apply to face the night.
Price: $ 24.49 on the site iherb $ 34.95 on the site of Sibu Beauty

replenishing night cream

What I like their products is that they are suitable for all skin types. Moreover, they are paraben free, sulfate free, non-animal tested. If you want to
more information, I suggest you watch videos of Michele 1218. I
`ll give you a review of these products in a few weeks
when I`ll have more in-depth testing products.

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