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Directed By Masayuki Ochiai.

It was not until today that I remember this film, like I had just watched it yesterday. Of course, now this was a remake. That I know. Before there was, no wait, it was after the many other remakes that hit the screens with it`s asian scary girls that make a staple in history of being the next serial killer in many of the movies back then. This was actually nice to see it come back from the grave in a better and intriguing point of view. It sure will make your hairs spike up when you see the end. I kind of like enjoy these sort of movies, just to review and not one to watch a million times, for my take on it. I am too, much of a proud scary horror movie collector than stuff that makes you think twice on watching it. But I like the variety. If I were to rate this film, it was just 3 1/2 stars for me. Hope you like it, let me know on the comment box and/or like if you`ve seen it. Just don`t spoil the ending, deal?

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