Shower Swag: fancy soap! :)

4 years ago

So for graduation I got from my aunt this amaaazing fancy vegetable soap (no animals hurt, yay!) from Lepi de Provence and it smells and feels soooooo gooooood! :) I love getting awesome bath products as gifts because they last for a while and they`re so fun to use!

This soap is so moisturizing, and the bits of what I think are veggies (maybe?) are actually quite nice for a little body massage. Not abrasive, but calming. The smell is very sophisticated, which is different for me because I am used to fruity or floral scents in the shower, while this one seemed more... sexy?

I just started using this soap (I actually forgot about it until about a week ago) and it also came with a large, full-sized tin of body butter, which had the same smell and made my skin soooo smooth! I used it after shaving and my legs felt AWESOME. I want to say I`d never go back, but I probably will be purchasing my normal body wash from the drugstore or BBW again once this is all gone.

If this ever catches your eye at a store, go get it! You`ll love it just as I do. You`ll be pleasantly surprised.

Let me know, what is your favorite soap/body wash to use? What`s your best shower product?

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Happy shopping!

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