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4 years ago

If you`re like me and have really tangly, knotty know there is no way a comb is going to go through it when it`s wet. I`ve been wanting a wet brush for awhile and was going to order one online but then I went to TJ Maxx and they had a couple to choose from.

There were a couple brands and multiple colors but they generally all felt and looked the same. So of course I chose the pink one. It comes from the brand: Elegant. It is normally $8.95 but is being sold at TJ Maxx for $4.99 and is called a Detangler Shower Brush.

The bristles are a bit longer than a standard brush and they`re more spaced out. Now since I`m a bad girl and would brush my wet hair with a normal brush, this had to take some getting used to. At first it felt like a cheap brush that wouldn`t brush through the tangles right away, but then I started brushing smaller sections and worked pretty well.

I personally just like it for wet hair. It doesn`t really work on my tangles when my hair is dry. (I might end up buying a tangle teaser for that) but for wet hair I would recommend this. I`ve noticed less breakage and less fall out since I`ve started using this. I will never go back to brushing my wet hair with a normal ordinary brush.

What do you use to combat tangles? What kind of hair brush do you use?

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