Show Review: Take The Money And Run

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! I just wanted to share with you guys a show I used to watch for a brief period of time called
Take The Money And Run. This show used to be on ABC, but sadly it got cancelled after 6 episodes. You can go read about the show on since we`re not allowed to quote things anymore. But anyways, the shows start out with partners who receive a briefcase that contains $100,000. They get a cell phone and a SUV car (they`re not allowed to keep either) to help them hide the brief case anywhere they want. They have an hour to try to hide the briefcase, and once that hour is up, they are taken into custody and will be questioned by interrogators. The detective and the interrogators will get 48 hours to try to get the contestants to either confess where the hiding spot is or to somehow question it out of them. If they don`t get the location within that 48 hours, the contestants will get to keep the $100,000; but if they do get the location during the 48 hours, the detectives will get to keep the $100,000. The detectives and the interrogators will also get the gps coordinate of all the locations the contestants went to with the SUV, and the logs of the phone calls the contestants made as well. I think this show is really interesting in that you get to see how a criminal would think, along with how they will be treated when they`re in jail. During the six episodes that aired, you get to see different methods the contestants used, and the different methods the interrogators used to try to intimidate the contestants. I would say this is definitely harder than what they made it seem in the first glance. I`m a bit sad that they cancelled the show but hopefully they`ll come up something like this in the future. Have you seen this show? Does it seem interesting to you? Got comments, questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comment section below! *image is not mine; taken from the source link below*

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